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Read full stories of some of our satisfied clients who were happy to share their experience and give you a glimpse of their health holiday in Croatia.

Adham & Sherine

“ Wellbe has been excellent and extremely supportive in helping us to meet our expectations. We can’t say enough about our experience with Wellbe; we were greeted upon arrival with such kindness and this continued throughout our stay. Wellbe helped us with best Therapy and accommodation options in Croatia. We stayed in a  very stunning hotel and  I was treated by very efficient Physiotherapy clinic and team . Thank you Branka and Chris for putting extra efforts to make sure our entire experience was great;  that’s the kind of service that makes  costumers satisfied and happy. 

Keep up the great work and best wishes,

Adham & Sherine”

April, 2022


I am extremely grateful for the help I received through Damir and his team in connection with the handball 2018. I and a few others in our staff were forced to seek emergency care during the two weeks we were in Zagreb and through Damir we got the best possible help with both dentist and doctor.

I highly recommend the assistance they provide.


This is my letter or better to say, my resume after four weeks spent in Opatija. From the very first contact with you (Wellbe), I felt I came to the right place, with the true professionals, people who know what they are doing.

This was my second time in Opatija, however, this time in completely different circumstances. Still I can tell you from my heart that this time I was equally thrilled. Opatija is a real Adriatic pearl. Many call it the Adriatic Nice and I don’t think they are mistaken, especially as the prices in Opatija are much more affordable and attractive. Besides, there is a beautiful nature surrounding the place. In a short trip one can visit other interesting places nearby as well as the islands across the bay.

The staff from Villa Dubrava where I was situated did everything to make me feel pleasant and nice. Don’t want to miss out anybody: from ladies who clean the villa which is very nicely decorated, to the kitchen and restaurant personnel which made the food’s offer even so tempted, rich in flavors so that our bodies are well fed after daily trainings, swimming in the warm sea water pool, which relaxed me deeply.

The therapists are very professional, with rich experience and they do it by gently pushing us through certain demanding exercises and you cannot refuse them. I felt in person that they knew what they were doing. The problems I had, which were the reasons for me coming here were partly mitigated and some disappeared. I was wondering: is this possible?

I am grateful for the overall organization by Wellbe and for all, both small and big things they have done for me. I experienced the care and attention as well as professional help in the moment I needed them. It is not enough to say that I had a great time, it was more than that; it was an amazing rehabilitation in Thalassotherapia Opatija.


For the first time in Istria in October this year (2018) I was struck by the beauty of the mountains, the crystallic water and mild climate. A good start when you want to feel stronger and more healthy!

The staff of Wellbe was extremely well organised and had a lot of useful contacts. They had chosen a very nice hotel in Medulin with all sorts of means to keep me fit – swimming pools, saunas, training machines, tracks for hiking and biking etc. Nice room and food!

And when I got ill they provided me with a doctor and nurse and medicine – that’s just what you need when you are away from home and don’t know the country!

So, don’t hesitate to contact the Wellbe team to plan a healthy, safe and enjoyable trip to Istria/Croatia!


After having suffered a spinal cord injury from an accident in December 2013, I began somewhat to recover. Unfortunately, the Swedish healthcare system did not have the capacity to give me adequate rehabilitation, so I applied to Thallassotherapia Opatija, where I spent over 13 months.

The clinic is directly connected to the University Hospital in Rijeka, so they can at short notice, or even very short notice, obtain almost any specialists needed for any case. Of course, the clinic also has its own very competent doctors.

During rehabilitation, I had gratifyingly, the physiotherapists, the doctors and the nurses all the time, which made me feel very secure. The staff are happy in their workplace and then it is easy to feel the same as a patient, too.

From being totally paralyzed, managed to get me going so that I could practice walking 70 meters each morning. Incredible.

The staff made my stay at Thallassoterapija very positive.

Sedika and Sead

We are a married couple living in Norway, a country with not much sun and it is a well-known fact that insufficient intake of sunlight can cause several health problems. With ageing, many health issues become chronic conditions and, therefore, we must regularly “charge the batteries” in order to function and keep all the disorders under control.

Our first encounter with Wellbe company took place in 2017 when we used their services of the four weeks’ physical therapy in Crikvenica (Thalassotherapia Crikvenica): we exercised with a designated therapist in warm water pool, which we also used in recreational purpose. Also, we exercised every day in the gym and had daily massage. The Wellbe team made sure that we enjoyed the surrounding area by taking us to various places, organizing local food and wine with a number of specialties of the region of Istria and Kvarner.

This year (2018) we renewed our contact with Wellbe and we strongly recommend them to all interested to have as well as those who need health holidays. This year’s offer was in Pula in the renowned polyclinic Peharec. After the initial check up by Doctor Peharec and discussion with him, we started our daily physical therapy. The young but experience team of experts: Kristina, Daniela, Nino and Robert with their untiring skillful hands, made us feel safe and fine. It was a real pleasure feeling such knowledge and professionalism within the team and we warmly recommend them.

Again, the Wellbe team was our guide and organiser and they know their job and they do it with kindness, making us feel like long-time friends, thank you guys! They organized trips for us around Pula and in the vicinity. Pula is a beautiful city with nice people who are open and good hosts so that one feels comfortable. Istria is a pearl on the Adriatic coast, very green with nice beaches and clear seawater. We visited several restaurants with very good service and excellent food, local delicacies accompanied with the local wines.

From our experience and stay with Wellbe we can warmly recommend them; you will be satisfied.


My Energy Management courses went very well with Wellbe! They are just the best partners to work with. I very much enjoyed and appreciated their readiness, genuine thoughtfulness, creativity and flexibility to organize various programmes for companies, small and big groups, focusing on health and wellbeing.

Last year (2015), together with the Client, we selected Wellbe’s offer for the combined Energy Management introductory course and Client’s team building. It took place in the magic Croatian peninsula Istria that has so many stories to tell. It was so much fun, while the group had a chance to enjoy amazing nature, fantastic food (and wine) and so many inspiring places.

Just imagine waking up in early October close to the sea, still warm from the summer but with a particular calmness coming with the first autumn days… The great temperature and the beautiful scenery makes it easy to relax and concentrate. Conversations, great thoughts and inspiration flowed freely.

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