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Time is precious and the way we spend it is what creates our reality. When we decide that we should receive more happiness, beauty, peace, success, and health in our lives, we will look for a partner who knows how to optimize the available resources. Enter Wellbe.

Wellbe is a specialized agency that finds adequate programs, treatments and doctors, according to your aspirations. We offer top-quality experts and top-quality services at prices virtually half of those in the UK (and even greater discounts in many cases).

For your current health challenge, we will find an appropriate solution in Croatia, enabling you to also enjoy the benefits of climate, landscape, and food in this hospitable country.


What do I get when I choose Wellbe?

Whether you are planning to improve your health through targeted action or want to solve or soothe a health problem, Wellbe is the partner you are looking for.

Our knowledge of specific treatments and top experts, our recommendations for your ideal accommodation or delicacies you would like to try is not comparable to offers of agencies dealing with only a single segment of the full picture.

Wellbe IMS

Choose Wellbe if you wish not only to get the most for your money, but the best healthcare and the most profound tourist experiences that only locals can show you.


Wellbe for families

We always crave more family time. Often our personal goals are placed on hold, because the needs of our loved ones are more important. The annual vacations are so short. If we use them to improve our own health, our family may feel neglected.

We sometimes feel selfish because we just want to do something for ourselves; Thus health and physical well-being falls out of the picture. Again and again it becomes a plan for the next year. And then the year after that…

However, if you allow Wellbe to help with your needs, this type of problem will vanish. Wellbe allows you to plan your vacation in a way that will give you the space to concentrate on yourself. At the same time, your family will be superbly entertained.

wellbe for families

Personalization of the holiday experience according to the needs of all of your family members will make your stay in Croatia a complete success for everyone.


Wellbe for people with impaired mobility

Yes, we all like to travel. We like to go from one place to another and get to know our destination. Sometimes, there is a need for a special vehicle to accommodate you and your wheelchair. A small thing to ask if you are dealing with Wellbe.

Our offer of accommodation will be tailored to your needs. The doors and passages wide enough, bathrooms customized and suitably equipped. No steps and tiny elevators.

monility impaired

There are many little things that should be just right. Choose Wellbe, and avoid unpleasant surprises.


Wellbe for group travellers

Are you a member of a sports team that aims to improve strength and skill in a pleasant climate? Need help from top doctors and physiotherapists to overcome problems that have emerged or have persisted for some time? Wellbe is the answer you are looking for.

We offer a complete service for all of your team needs as well as any additional individual wishes.

group travellers

Perhaps you represent a group of best agers? You love to have fun, enjoy outings and local gastronomy but you also experience a health problem that needs looking after?

Again – Wellbe is the best solution.

How to…

  • Find the best accommodation that fits group as well as individual needs in a great location, near top-notch health facilities and close to fun amenities?
  • Get your transport organized?
  • Book spaces large enough which you can use together?
  • And all of this at the absolute best price?

Let Wellbe do it for you.


Wellbe for solo travellers

You have been dreaming of a trip as a chance to completely rebuild yourself, recharge batteries and get some unexpected advice that relates to your health and wellbeing?

You want to experience the freedom and independence that you can only feel when you are alone and at a new destination? Often, fear is the only obstacle on a path to beautiful possibilities, free of the burden that has been troubling you for years.

Although many people dream about traveling on their own, few actually do it.

solo traveller

Let’s admit it: we all need a little help.

Choose Wellbe. We shall be your advisor and support in all procedures. We shall enrich you with the fullness of the experience that will not disappoint. Our presence shall only be conditioned by your wishes. We shall be present when you need us and invisible when you desire peace and freedom.


Wellbe for elderly

Your loved ones deserve a Croatian adventure, but their age and all that goes with it, makes you uneasy? Your elderly parents should feel independent, but how can you let them wander alone in a far away place?

Wellbe for the elderly

Allow us to replace you for a while. You and your loved ones can rely on us. We will take care of everything.

Pictures and stories from this trip on all your family reunions in years to come will confirm that you made a good decision.


Why Croatia?

Well, this should not be a question at all!


The youngest member of the European Union is a favorite tourist destination. People from all over the world spend their annual vacations in Croatia. All rules valid in other European countries are also valid here.

Medical staff is superbly educated, accommodation is excellent, climate is mild and food and beverages fantastic.

Allow Wellbe to become your central reference in Croatia. Contact us for all details.


Price and quality ratio

Fortunately – the prices of the services you can use in Croatia are significantly cheaper than the prices of comparable services in many other European destinations.

The experts whose services we offer you are very well educated and known for their skills. Several of our partner clinics are placed in small, picturesque, peaceful places. Nevertheless they have all top-level reference lists in their fields of expertise.


Tourist amenities outside the main season

For those of you who need to improve your health or appearance, the best time to visit Croatia is outside the main season. Then you get the ultimate accommodation and top-of-the-range services at much lower prices.

Even in winter coastal Croatia is often beautiful and warm. With the help of Wellbe staff you will get the maximum enjoyment of Croatia even during off-season.


Special treatments

When it comes to treating psoriasis or respiratory problems, Croatia has a respectable tradition. Bath treatment in Natalan or healing powers of Lošinj aerosol have almost mythical status among the local population and their guests.

Even world famous athletes use top treatments from the orthopaedical domain and physical therapy by Croatian experts. The very fact that the top level of service can be obtained in a peaceful place for many people is invaluable.


Food and drink

With Wellbe you can enjoy all the goodies that Croats are proud of. One-day excursions, gastronomy, unique accommodation.

croatian food

While you are becoming a better and healthier version of yourself, truffles, as well as olive oil or wine roads can boost your motivation. A wonderful sunset or a pleasant walk can contribute a great deal to make your recovery more successful.



Even after all the challenges in the way of becoming new and stronger you is resolved by Wellbe, it is good to know that you have come to a safe community. If you decide to explore your environment independently, you can still feel safe. Croatia is a low crime rate country.


LOTS of people speak English

Not only your Croatian doctors, therapists or receptionists, but also the “normal” people on the street, in the shops or cafes, speak fluent English. This is surely an additional advantage.

croatian doctor

With Wellbe that stands at your disposal for health and fitness needs – and the hospitable Croats – we are sure that our service is your best option.


Photos: Pixabay


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