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Last week Wellbe (representative’) visited „the company’s other region“ – Skåne. The motive was the Seniorsmässan that took place in Malmö from 26th to 28th of April, but also to meet our new partners, potential clients and to visit some dear friends and colleagues.

It is a good feeling to be part of the two regions: Istria & Kvarner and Skåne. Why do we say that?

Istria is our home. It is a beautiful, warm, picturesque peninsula with enough green to keep everything looking fresh and nice. There is also plenty of sea and attractive beaches where you can swim and enjoy other watersports from May to October and beyond. Kvarner is attached to Istria and is even more dramatic in its contrast of green and blue. The mountains in the back are high and can be a great challenge for those who can go hiking or like good cross country skiing, while the sea is deep, rich with fish and great for sailing on the various winds which are therapeutic in their essence. That is why this is the place where most of our partner-clinics are located, exactly because of the positive impact that such a combination of nature has on people and their health.

We established the company in Skåne (Lund), in addition to the original one we founded in Croatia in order to strengthen our ties to our partner region. It was decided after a number of discussions with our Swedish partners, who are also a very good friends and connoisseurs of Istria and Croatia. From Skåne we started developing contacts and business, moving towards north, east and west, seeking out people to co-operate with, those who have interested clients and thus can create the successful story about healthcare in Croatia for Scandinavian people.

We believe that Istria & Kvarner are two specific and attractive areas for people who live in Sweden. They are the closest flight destinations to the warm sea – Adriatic, being a part of the Mediterranean. The people in Istria and Kvarner have all characteristics of the Mediterranean culture, sights and spirit such as warmth, diligence, openness, drive, curiosity, interest in others and cordiality. People here would take initiative and are prepared to share and get together for common goals. This region is in economic sense more developed than many other areas in the vicinity.

Tourism has a long tradition of providing outstanding quality in Istria and Kvarner. With this goes typical agricultural production – vineyards and olive groves, figs, indigenous vegetables and herbs, and so on. Another great tradition of the area is shipbuilding and shipping and these are shared with the Skåne economy, at least until recently.

International travellers have been coming to Istria and Kvarner for health and recovery since the 1850s. They were attracted by the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the several seaside places that were literally aired with indigenous herbs and sea water carried by the therapeutic winds. For example, I spoke today with our client who came from Helsingborg (with rheumatic problem), asking how she was. She just confirmed to me what I have been hoping to hear, that is that she just can’t get enough of beautiful walks near the sea, that calm and relax her, easing the pain and tension she suffers from. This, and of course, the excellent treatments and caring staff are among our strongest values that we believe are recognized and appreciated by clients.

Wellbe’s role and aim is to connect the two regions and countries, thus creating the best effect from this link. We are open to people who want to join us in various ways and roles: from getting to know us better and then pass the word – our “ambassadors”, to those who wish to taste themselves the good feeling of doing something for own health, while enjoying the benefits of nature on this beautiful and healing part of the Europe.

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