Travel safely with Wellbe

Travel Safely With Wellbe

Still, in the winter, we have been preparing thoroughly for the first clients that have entrusted us with their travel for health reasons in Croatia this spring.

We are pleased and grateful for their confidence and trust and we want to make it all work smoothly, so that our clients take back home many happy memories and optimism that the procedures and guidance they have been given will keep them healthy for a long time.

However, some of these people are not experienced travelers and their families often wonder how they will manage with the new environment, in a foreign country where none of them has yet been or, if they have, it was not to a medical institution. We have thought about this and we understand that it needs to be addressed.

We in Wellbe speak with all our individual clients, as well as with the group leader, in order to learn about their family status, how independent they are in their daily routine, how they feel about travelling – alone or in company, what are their preferences with regard to the accommodation, food, social activities that are available and so on.

We are happy to speak to the family members or friends before such a person sets out on a healthcare trip. It is in our interest to make sure that they are peaceful and carefree as much as possible. Even more so, Wellbe offers convenient deals for the family of an accompanying person that may wish to come along and stay together with our client. There are so many things to be seen around here and stories to be heard that can be done in a very pleasant way, especially outside the busy summer holiday season.

Before the trip we make sure that our clients have made all necessary checks and consultation, possibly also get informed about airport assistance, in short – everything that is important before travelling for health care. All our partner clinics are in the vicinity of big hospitals or medical centres, so that any risky situation that could arise can be dealt with swiftly and in the best possible manner.

Wellbe ensures that its healthcare travellers have detailed information about the trip itself and what happens when they first arrive. So that they feel at ease and comfortable and all they would think of is looking forward to meeting us at the airport in the vicinity of the health resort.

We believe that travelling enables everyone, including seniors or any who travel for healthcare, to experience new places and cultures. Travel can help rejuvenate the mind and soul and bring new energy, health and hope to their lives.

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