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Wellbe Organizes a Malmö Team Building in Novigrad

Last week the Wellbe team took part in organizing a team building or rather, yearly conference for a nice group of business consultants from Malmö

Their slogan says „We love projects!“, and they better do, because they consult other business people in managing their projects, being big or small.

I appreciate consulting work very much because of its demanding and challenging tasks and constant pressure on these experts. I believe the reward is great, although sometimes they just have to take the work as a great lesson learnt and then they carry on, each of them building own expertise and life experience.

So, we brought this fine group of 15 people from Malmö down to Novigrad in Istria because they wanted to visit Croatia, while we have been spreading our network of partners and contacts exactly there in Sweden and Scandinavia, working hard so that good news and stories about our area and its hospitality reach as many interested travellers as possible.

They arrived on a windy, cool early afternoon at Ljubjana airport (Slovenia) and it took us around two hours in the bus to come to our destination in Novigrad. Apart from a lunch break in Slovenia, they were busy all the way, working in pairs on their various tasks.

Despite focusing on work, the heads started turning around curiously as we approached Istria and its lovely little towns situated along the sea bays. Istria is not only Croatia, although 90% of the peninsula belongs to this country. One part of Istria enters into Italy and the other in Slovenia.

Novigrad looked perfect at our early evening arrival – sunny, calm and welcoming. The small hotel located on the beach and Novigrad walls, with the waves rolling droningly towards the shore, formed the missing peace for a relaxing atmosphere and the fun could begin.

As my partners in Epoca360 joke, „we are closely connected with the weather creators“. So, we „ordered“ for our guests from Malmö a couple of nice bright days and they enjoyed in their team building time, knowing that we built around them the air of sincere care and safety.

More details about their stay you can find in the Newsletter published by Epoca360 on their website

On behalf of Wellbe, I express my big gratitude to Annica for her great support and inspiration, as well as for trust in us as a team. Time spent with her in Istria deserves a separate story and we hope it will continue to develop and grow.

Fairooz is another jewel we were lucky to find and she moved many things in the right direction.

And, of course, the team, led by Lars…We will surely find reasons and ways to stay in touch and hopefully, meet again.

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