January Wellbe Medical Tour

January Wellbe Medical Tour

This January our international Wellbe team has become even more „international“, or to be more precise – „Scandinavian“. We had a visit from a couple of Swedish consultants and medical professionals to show them the premises and capacities in Istria and Kvarner.

These regions traditionally offer excellent medical services and can increase the chance for further development in health tourism. This is our company’s, Wellbe – International medical solutions – main business activity and we have been focusing specifically on Scandinavia, but not only that market for some time.

The choice of really good quality professional medical expertise and the techniques they use in their work are very wide, and our guests were truly impressed. There is nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary. The premises we visited gave our visitors strong confidence to support the proposition for medical care for their clients, both from the modern condition of the premises and by the treatments that are performed there, and their success that has been consistently confirmed by many satisfied clients. It is a pity that the co-operation between a number of Scandinavian and other European health institutions and our various hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres stopped at the beginning of the last century for the unfortunate reason (the war in ex-Yugoslavia). I am sure that many of the 50 plus or 60 plus generation from all over the Western Europe remember very well not just the beautiful and warm summer holidays on the Adriatic, but also several rehabilitation centres along the coast that were offering fantastic climatic cures for some typical diseases that affected the people from the colder and wetter parts of our continent.

Today we can say that the excellent medical tradition within these facilities, that has been going on for a long time in the past in Croatia, especially in Kvarner and Istria, has improved even further. The variety of services aimed to deal with conditions such as rheumatism, skin problems, breathing or heart difficulties, allergies etc. are performed within pleasant and attractive premises which can offer the cure, the accommodation and some fun. Besides, there are plenty of other lovely hotels, apartments, or villas ready to accommodate international clients in the vicinity of the medical premises.

Our international visitors from Scandinavia have also met with our brilliant experts who have been helping a number of athletes worldwide in treating their various sport injuries, either by surgery or non-surgical recovery procedures, but prescribing specific rehabilitation programmes that can delay or completely replace the surgery. Again, there are testimonials from the world top sportswomen and men who can vouch for these success stories.

At the end of our short but intense “medical tour” we dropped by a state–of-the-art eye clinic in Zagreb. Although they have already been co-operating with a number of foreign clients, there are still capacities available for swift, efficient and very affordable solutions for a number of eye procedures, including cataract, refractive laser surgery, corneal transplant and so on, performed by 20 physicians. In 10 years of their existence they have performed over 50.000 operations.

I didn’t manage to put down all the things we have seen during this last week nor did I emphasize all the impressions that were experienced during that time. However, I am now even more convinced that this good news will very soon reach our audience and that the success and satisfaction will be there for all.

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