healthcare in croatia

Healthcare in Croatia

Croatia, a country with well-developed healthcare

Healthcare in Croatia is surprisingly well developed and is often praised by tourists visiting the country.

The branch of medicine that goes long in the past and still holds the highest place is medical therapy or medical rehabilitation. It aims to improve, enhance and optimise the physical and other functionalities and quality of the lives of patients who have an acute or chronic impairment and disabilities.

Natural advantages support the development of the modern healthcare system

The naturally beneficial position of Croatia especially relates to a long and diversified coastline. It is one of the most beautiful in Europe and has always attracted visitors. As a result the modern healthcare system has arisen from this natural advantage. Its healing effects for some diseases, for example respiratory are great. Today one can choose among several comfortable, up-to-date medical/hotel facilities. In addition, the expertise one finds there is on the very top in specific health treatments and therapies.  

Healthcare opportunities in Croatia

The patients usually inquire about healthcare in Croatia in order to restore the health and functional abilities in a fast, affordable and efficient manner. There are two groups of typical health issues. One is fracture, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, joint replacement, sports injuries. The other group is heart disease, lung and respiratory problems, stroke and other neurological disorders. Then, psoriasis and its connected problems is another well treated disease in Croatia. http://www.wellbe.ims-com

Croatian healthcare specialists’ dedication and experience lead to improved health condition

We, as the  healthcare facilitator in Croatia, are often thrilled with the care and dedication of the medical specialists. It is because of their experience, empathy and efficiency in improving conditions through various rehabilitation procedures. In return, we often receive our clients’ feedback following their stay in Croatia very positive.

Team up with the Croatian best medical therapists

One of our medical rehabilitation specialist, rightly says that the team leader in rehabilitation process is always the patient. Therefore, he or she gives direction by expressing his or her needs and hopes in regaining good health. The responsibility for diagnosis and therapy belongs to doctors. They, in turn, team up with therapists from different disciplines. The good quality healthcare in Croatia is a result of teaming up patients with the most appropriate specialists. Working together they create a dedication and deliver the best possible care. By paying a lot of time and attention to the clients’ needs, they drive the whole process towards best recovery possible.

Improve your health condition combining tourist experience with affordable healthcare treatment in Croatia

individual physical therapy in a pool
Croatian medical centres feature excellent possibilities for individual therapy

The recovery from very painful conditions can take place in one of the Croatian healthcare centres. These are located on the beautiful Adriatic coast or inland. The usual duration of the therapy is up to three weeks. During that time you will receive the therapist’s and specialist’s full attention, education and individual approach based on one-on-one therapy. This enables each patient to gain an improved health condition and thus becomes more confident and satisfied. We, as facilitators, advise each client on the best approach to take. This way we help select the best and most appropriate healthcare facility in Croatia.

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