Whichever your personal opinion of, or relation to, Free-From food may be, one must admit that this food group area is taking over big part within the food market. This started as gradually increasing awareness by a small group of people who suffered from allergies and intolerances caused by various food intake, such as celiac disease or lactose intolerance. However, this awareness has moved into a real mind made decision and trend, to reduce or stop eating various foods, based on caring about animal welfare, environment preservation but also based on belief that the human body as it ages needs different, probably some Free-From food intake.

We have examined some statistics, as well as at some forecast of market trends. For example, the annual change in sales of organic and FreeFrom food products in Europe in 2016 was 11.5% in Western and 10.6% in Eastern Europe comparing with the previous year, which is the highest growth so far.

Read the article about Free-From Food in Europe here.

Of course, the market suppliers are closely watching these trends in order to be well prepared to meet increasing needs. However, many consumers, especially in the Western European markets and in Scandinavian countries, believe that the availability of gluten-free products, for example, is still poor (64% of the consumers in the U.K.).

Wellbe has health and wellbeing in its core since the business has developed around assisting persons with health problems, either chronic or acute, to find the best and most affordable solution for their needs within Croatian healthcare offer. Wellbe collaborates with people and business who share these values and it is not a surprise that we have started co-operated with a Swedish health food producer. Non-dairy, gluten free ice cream was the first choice.

Today we are pleased to be able to point at one big hotel/tourist company in our hometown which has now listed these tasty, organic and Free-From ice creams to their guests that travel from around the world to visit Croatia, and especially the Adriatic region. A second interested company, also in the hotel/camping business based on a beautiful green island in the vicinity. We have also prompted the interest of some local bars that are now offering Free-From ice cream thus responding to ever-increasing demand as evidenced by enquiries made by visitors passing by.

It is good to mention that today one can stay in gluten-free hotels in Croatia, both on the Adriatic (Pula, Mali Lošinj) and inland (Zagreb). Despite the short time of their activity, they attract interest and achieve deserved notice and results.

Apart from these very specific hotels, once you are in Croatia (especially at the seaside), you’d probably have no problem with gluten-free requirements due to the Mediterranean diet with seafood and local fruits and vegetable. For any other specific needs we advise that you visit the Free-From maps here. 

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