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Medical treatments

Physical therapy

Wellbe is the facilitator in Croatia for treatment of your acute painful joint and muscle problems or injuries.

The recommended specialists provide world-class treatment to meet their patients’ individual needs.

Orthopaedic Treatments

Wellbe facilitates your access to the best private hospitals in Croatia in order to provide you with leading edge medical services in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology.

From arthroscopy to arthroplasty of all major joints – feet, knees, hips, shoulders and fracture treatments.

Spine Treatments

We partner with the Croatian hospitals specialized in spine health programmes providing end-to-end spine treatment.

From unique spine condition diagnosis methods, to minimally invasive procedures and surgical procedures of the spine.

Psoriasis Treatment

Wellbe is the facilitator of your health vacation in Croatia.

We collaborate with the leading psoriasis treatment centres and specialists, offering you unique, top-quality therapies at affordable prices.

Respiratory Treatment

Wellbe facilitates respiratory recuperation programmes at seaside medical resorts in Croatia.

You get exceptional non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that treat chronic, allergic, acute and subacute respiratory diseases for both children and adults.

Rheumatic Treatments

Wellbe is the facilitator of your healthy climate vacation in Croatia, that will have a favourable impact on rheumatic disease patients.

We collaborate with several rheumatic treatment centres and specialists, offering you top-quality individually tailored therapies at affordable prices.

Cardiovascular Treatments

Wellbe cooperates with a specialized hospital for medical rehabilitation of cardiac diseases set in a beautiful North Adriatic seaside location.

These cardiovascular treatments are based on the most up-to-date analytical methods, training, experience and extensive rehabilitation programmes.

Individualized & Preventive medicine

Wellbe connects you with the cutting edge medical technology teams in Croatia who provide you with:

  • Individualized approach to diagnostics
  • Education on adopting a healthier lifestyle
  • Better understanding of the relationship between genetic variation and disease development
  • Knowledge of the optimum medicine choice and dosage according to your genome analysis  

Sport & Fitness

Valamar Diamant Poreč

The place is ideal for professional and recreational athletes, but also as a place where you can enjoy and have fun in different restaurants, bars and clubs.

Hotel Gardenija Opatija

Opatija, the pearl of the Adriatic, will dazzle you with its soothing Mediterranean climate and an array of historic buildings that evoke a nostalgic atmosphere of the Austrian Empire.

Belvedere Sport Hotel Medulin

This package caters specifically to the needs of physically active guests, with facilities that support indoor activities and plenty of sunny days to support quality outdoor activities on the seashore.

Maistra Resort Belvedere Vrsar

Vrsar Belvedere resort is an exciting place where one can feel the power of natural beauty while at the same time is relaxed by it.

Beauty treatments

Non-Surgical Face & Body Procedures

Different minor procedures that will help you overcome your insecurities and regain your confidence.

Non-Invasive Face & Body Treatments

Small surgical procedures that will help you get rid of minor imperfections you’ve been feeling self-conscious about.

What Makes Active Holiday in Croatia Special

Where holiday meets top quality medical care

Affordable prices and excellent value for money

Individualized patient-therapist care

Breathtaking beauties of the Adriatic coast

Engaging attractions of Continental Croatia

Rich history, vibrant culture and exquisite authentic cuisine

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