Thalassotherapia Opatija

Comprehensive approach and high professional standards with over 60 years of experience in coronary diseases treatment

The hospital offers modern analytical methods, training and extensive rehabilitation programmes for patients who have had a heart attack, patients with aortic coronary bypass or artificial valve, as well as patients with a heart transplant or other cardiac failures.


Secondary prevention measures: Various measures aimed at eliminating risk factors and introducing lifestyle changes through a personalized approach

Physical Training: Guiding patients through effective physical activity programs in a controlled environment, where they start to safely incorporate training into their regular routine

Psychological Evaluation: Conversations with psychologists and psychotherapists, various psychological testing methods, elimination of possible psychological disturbances

Education: Education about the risk factors that led to the disease, their prevention and elimination (including diet and lifestyle changes within the circle of the patient’s family and their workplace)


Expert-Led Training: Reliable experts guide patients through their training sessions, closely monitoring their progress to ensure the desired effect is achieved, as they kick-start their rehabilitation process in a proper way.

Education: Patients get all the information they need about the disease, lifestyle challenges and more through various lectures, which gives them a solid basis that will allow them to manage their condition and keep the symptoms in check.

Fresh Start: Patients take the time spent in Thalassotherapia Opatija to reset and start over, with the stimulating Mediterranean environment, its wholesome cuisine, good company, and the soothing warmth of the Croatian coast.


The hospital is situated in Opatija, a well-known climate treatment centre since 1889. The hospital itself was founded in 1957, primarily for the purposes of diagnostics and treatment with the special emphasis on the prevention of heart and blood vessel diseases. The facility is located on the main street, surrounded by the captivating secession architecture of the Opatija Riviera.

Opatija is one of the most charming little towns on the Croatian coast. It offers so much more than just soothing sea views. The city’s rich culture and history are intriguing, while delicious local cuisine can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

During your stay, you can enjoy several half-day or daily excursions in the surrounding area:

  • Visiting nearby historic and cultural sites, as well as one of the National Parks
  • Tasting local food, extra quality olive oil, and fine wines

Opatija is 15 km away from Rijeka and just 40 km away from the Rijeka airport. Other nearby airports are Pula (98 km), Zagreb (184 km), Ljubljana (129 km), Trieste (103 km), and Venice (214 km).


  • Single or double rooms,full board*
  • Free usage of the pool
  • Free usage of the gym
  • Free usage of bathrobes as part of the room service
  • Free usage of towels at the pool area
  • WiFi

*The Thalassotherapia Opatija chef is open for any type of cuisine, as long as these preferences are arranged in advance.


Indicative price based on full board, single room and two weeks stay with prescribed daily medical treatments:

  • Starting at €2,100 in a standard room (equivalent to 3 stars hotel)
  • Starting at € 2,400 for single use

Other important information

  • Return flights are organized either on your own or through our partner travel agency
  • Bus/ van transfers to and from the airports in Croatia are organized by our partner travel agency

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Any age group: children, adults and seniors

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