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Memory strategies

Memory Strategies

There are certain health impairments that we all share. The occasional memory lapses are high on that list, I assume.

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Cycling in Istria

Cycling in Istria

Another great thing you can do for your health, relaxation and fun here in Istria and Kvarner is cycling. Both of these two regions offer some interesting, challenging as well as comfortable trails for all bike types and users.

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Rehabilitation and healthcare for athletes and sports teams

Athletes Healthcare

In the Croatian districts of Istria and Kvarner, there are several great opportunities for athletes healthcare and sports training to prepare intensively for the next season’s competitions.

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Medical rehabilitation - improve quality of your life after injury

Medical Rehabilitation in Croatia

Medical rehabilitation is a branch of medicine, which aims to improve, enhance and optimise the physical functionality and quality of the lives of patients who have physical impairment or other disabilities.

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