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What happens if this process and the treatments that follow do not bring results?
Our partner hospital in Croatia offers testing to assess your risk for the development of 45 genetically determined diseases. Learn more about pharmacogenomics

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Learn how to cope with stress

Learn to Cope With Stress

Even if we can all relate to stress, most of us do not really understand what it is. We are ill equipped to recognize it or take steps to minimize the negative effects of pressure.

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Heart, the center of joy

Heart – the Center of Joy

When your heart beats calmly and in its pace, then you probably feel happy and joy flows inside your veins. Simple, but we often miss these blissful moments and let hurry, concerns and outside forces drive most of our times.

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Rehabilitation and healthcare for athletes and sports teams

Athletes Healthcare

In the Croatian districts of Istria and Kvarner, there are several great opportunities for athletes healthcare and sports training to prepare intensively for the next season’s competitions.

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Personalized healthcare for all

Personalized Healthcare for All

In today’s changing world where the existing standards, institutions and values are questioned constantly, the topics such as health and care surface as an important life issues for us all.

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