Time for your health and wellbeing

Time for Your Health and Wellbeing

When we are small and still young, it is our parents’ and family’s duty to introduce us into wisdom of life, which certainly includes instructions how to stay safe, protected from disease as much as possible but also how to adopt good habits that keep us healthy and happy. We should find time for activities that improve our health and wellbeing in every period of our life.

As we grow and become independent young people, these habits that were embedded in our mind start driving our choices and we adjust our activities according to them. Some kind of inner guidance tells us what is good for us and what would be better to avoid.

The peak of our adult and professional life, together with establishing and raising the family probably brings the highest level of demands, often accompanied with stress. The earlier embedded way of living in family drives most of our daily activities, but we also learn a lot ourselves, widening the awareness and knowledge, thus conquering some weaknesses and steering the wheel slowly towards the most desirable aim – to stay healthy and happy, living the life of wellbeing.

We in Wellbe are in particular committed exactly to your long term health and wellbeing. We are pleased when we can help in that sensitive area of cure or recovery by organizing for you and offering the right expertise by our doctors – specialists as well as by therapist and all the supporting staff. We just follow the sense of wellbeing when we communicate to you the opportunity to have a long weekend for yourself in the pleasant, relaxing Croatian Adriatic, in which we smoothly include a health check of your preferences, while the rest of the time you can enjoy in plenty of suggested activities or just visits to local attractions.

However, we have so far managed to attract the most interest from senior population. It is not surprising because of the really strong skills and tradition that our local medical experts have in the area of rehabilitation, being it from rheumatic diseases, sport and other injuries, neurological problems, respiratory difficulties and similar. Our seniors are very well aware how it is to live day after day with health problems and painful conditions. That is why they are very glad to find a right spot, friendly environment and relaxing climate atmosphere that make them feel better almost immediately. A prolonged stay in such rehabilitation resorts, being at least two weeks or more, can have a strong impact on their improved state of body and mind.  We believe that these simple and deserved privileges for the seniors should be easily accessible and affordable, with the support from the society when needed.

Our past weekend was one excellent example of how these programs could work and we believe that our guests from the south of Sweden have taken with them the warm and cordial invitation to visit us soon for their own benefit and wellbeing.

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