Aromatic Istria

Aromatic Istria

In anticipation of our autumn Swedish and other partners’ and clients’ visits, we decided to explore more of the offer that our magical, aromatic Istria gives. We found a real jewel hidden in the southeast part of this heart-shaped peninsula.

I have heard about this new „Park“ with aromatic plants through various media channels but the „word of the mouth“ is still not strong enough, and the Park deserves it.

As you approach the top of the hill where the stone buildings area are situated, you pass through exciting 25 acres of colorful gardens of lavender, immortelle, sage, marigold, rosemary and few other indigenous aromatic herbs as well as through olive groves and vineyards. Even this sight was enough for me to start feeling relaxed and at the same time stunned with the beauty of the place.

At the top we were welcome by our genial hosts who showed us around the area within which there is an excellently appointed presentation hall and a small museum exhibiting a display of aromatic herbs and their healing effects on the body and mind. There is a laboratory dealing with new creations and a shop, too, where you can buy all you saw just a minute ago on the fields, packed as face and body creams, massage oils and several medications to use when your throat feels sore, you have back pain or headache.

Our visit was planned in advance so we couldn’t order the perfect day without haze, which would enable us to enjoy, more fully, the view from the top of the hill, which reaches far towards: the picturesque town of Rovinj, the wonderful archipelago of Brijuni islands and the mountain Učka on the north-east side. Actually, the day was warm and humid, so we shouldn’t complain, as we can still swim in our warm Adriatic sea every day (with the sea temperature around 23-24 C).

Dear friends and partners, do not worry, because we will bring you to this place. We love to share good things and show great places to you. We also hope that we will together enjoy nice Istrian food and malvazija white wine at the end of day, when the setting sun makes the aromatic air irresistible and the place difficult to forget.

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