Spine Treatment & Surgery

We partner with the Croatian hospitals specialized in spine health programmes providing end-to-end spine treatment.

From unique spine condition diagnosis methods, to minimally invasive procedures and surgical procedures of the spine. The complete package costs are around 50% lower than those in the UK.

Excellence as a Core Value

We partner with one of the one of region’s best private hospitals. Their unique spine health programme provides end-to-end spine treatment, from unique spine condition diagnosis methods, to minimally invasive procedures or surgical procedures of the spine.

Patient-Focused Approach

People who suffer from degenerative changes of the spine need all the attention they can get to heal their pain. Our team of experts, including physicians, surgeons and the nursing staff, prioritize the needs of their patients by preparing them for what they will go through and creating a safe and reassuring environment.
Whether you’re going through a minimally invasive procedure or a complex surgical procedure, you get the same individualized treatment that will help you get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Price and package cost example:

Spine surgery €5,500

Online consultation €100

Post-surgery treatment/rehabilitation, two weeks (all included) €1,500

Transport and transfer information

  • Return flights are organized either on your own or through our partner travel agency. Zagreb, the Croatian capital city, is connected with daily flights from London, including Ryanair flights from Stansted and many other places.
  • Bus/ van transfers to and from the airports in Croatia are organized by our partner clinics.

Best In Class Spine Treatment Abroad

Wellbe collaborates with one of region’s most successful private hospitals. Their team of distinguished experts in the spine health field consistently deliver exceptional services to their satisfied patients. Defined by innovation and leadership, the staff works hard to keep bringing the future of healthcare to the world.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital Zagreb

The hospital’s unique spine condition diagnosis programmes and a team of expert surgeons who peform minimally invasive and surgical spine procedures, will help you get back to being active in no time.

We Cater to Different Needs

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Smaller groups and individuals


People with either minor mobility problems or wheelchair bound


Any age group: children, adults and seniors

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Affordable prices and excellent value for money

Individualized patient-therapist care

Breathtaking beauties of the Adriatic coast

Engaging attractions of Continental Croatia

Rich history, vibrant culture and exquisite authentic cuisine

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