My dear friend Marina has recently moved from Pula to Copenhagen. This is an exciting move for Marina because she was offered an interesting job in the “Second Opinion Clinic” for complementary medicine in Copenhagen.

Marina and I are school friends, we were both born in the same city, Pula, which sits at the bottom of Istrian peninsula. We both have interest in healthy life habits, quality food and nutrition. However, Marina is completely dedicated to the science of healing one’s own body by intaking adequate but proper food and drink together with some appropriate supplements. She is a nutritionist specialising in detoxification processes of the body. I have personally experienced her skilled advice during one short but impressive period of detoxification. My body reacted strongly to the changes in my diet which Marina recommended to me and, which is the most important thing, I have been feeling better since.  I have decided to keep some of the newly adopted regime.

In this blog Marina shares with us her view on health and why are we sick.

„Whoever you ask what matters most in one’s life, many will respond – health. But, judging by appearances, our health seems our last concern, since people are more sick now than ever before in the whole history of humankind.

Our organism is a perfect biological machine that takes care of itself, improves and detoxifies all of its cells. It repairs and heals itself, thereby maintaining the balance of all functions. It’s called wellbeing. It’s called health.

Then why are we sick?

The organism is doing literally everything in order to maintain one healthy, but statistics say that illness is becoming a way of living in the modern world. How did we possibly get here?

We are greatly abusing the innate and competent healing ability of our organism. By providing more toxins than it can possibly handle, we throw it out of balance. The body has to figure out how to dispose of the excessive toxic load and, at the same time, not poison us to death. In order to protect and spare our vital organs, the body stores toxins in temporary storages. But the organism, as perfect and natural as it is, cannot imagine that we poison ourselves continually.

And so those temporary storages become permanent. We keep most of our gained toxins in garbage dumps all over the body. And our organism, instead of improving itself, dissipates its precious life time and resources on handling this excessive toxic load.

This is the basis of my Toxin Theory. Deposited toxins poison and acidify our tissues, they create an ideal environment for parasite to thrive. The consequences are infections, mitochondrial malfunction, cell alterations, tissue damage, and illness.

But every process, no matter how far it has gone, can be reversed. And that’s my goal, to retrace the path following the introduction and consequences of harmful agents, right back to the beginning where it all started. Eliminate the cause, the consequence disappears. The best thing in the whole process is that your way back to health is at the same time a weight loss and an “age loss”, allowing you to become real You.

We are in contact with a multitude of toxins present everywhere, but we also eat food that is highly unsuitable for us. Our reaction to such foods cannot be called intolerance. But it can be called poisoning.

The functioning of the organism is closely related to its level of toxic burden. For example, a large number of toxins and inadequate nutrition can also result in the inability to conceive, so detox and nutritional change are very effective preparations for a desired pregnancy. This, in addition to sophisticated and avant-garde diagnostics, is one of the activities of the nutrition department where I work in the “Second Opinion Clinic” http://www.secondopinionclinic.dk/

The organism is completely capable of healing itself, we just have to stop sabotaging it. That is why our most valuable tool is our knowledge.”

If this interesting piece of Marina’s knowledge and belief has triggered your curiosity, I would be happy to put you in touch with her.

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