Preventive healthcare in Croatia

Preventive Healthcare in Croatia

Preventive healthcare is the name given to procedures designed to assess and create activities to prevent diseases developing rather than just treating diseases as they reveal themselves.

Being constantly aware of the need for continuous and reasonable care for one’s health and wellbeing, Wellbe has prepared several nicely composed packages for individuals and companies that want to consider undertaking preventive health checkups with a touch of tourist experience in Croatia.

Preventive healthcare is the name given to procedures designed to assess and create activities to prevent diseases developing rather than just treating diseases as they reveal themselves.  Nation states often conduct screening programmes when existing or new diseases become the object of community or population concern in order to assess what preventive healthcare measures may be needed to „nip the problem in the bud“, in other words to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem, generally.

But, how much attention do you pay to your health and what do you do to feel at peace about it? We can never be certain nor detect every process that has started or is going on in our body, but we can react quickly to the changes we notice. Another thing we can do is regularly to undertake a routine medical examination and sometimes more thorough screening. However, it is  important to remember that we ourselves should be responsible for ourselves individually and to take care of ourselves responsibly.  Most countries’ health care systems actually recommend and encourage adults and children to have regular check-ups, often as an annual visit to the doctor.

We say: why not do this during a long weekend break in Croatia, in a pleasant and friendly environment, in the good company of your partner and colleagues?

Our packages vary from a basic but comprehensive healthcheck through more thorough ones to really in-depth screening that includes MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Additionally, we can enable those who are interested in checking their health and life habits, for example, against diabetes tests and to have this done in a special polyclinic with an experienced diabetologist.

With your health being the first thing on the list during your trip to Croatia, we’ve also thought about some nice and enjoyable things you may like doing. Since Croatia is becoming ever more popular as a tourist destination, we would not want to miss the opportunity to show you at least some of its specific prettiness, its culture and its customs.

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