Health treatments in Croatia as an emerging opportunity

It has taken us several years of building up the awareness among our Swedish and Scandinavian partners, friends and clients that Croatia offers an excellent opportunity for health treatments. Becoming more ambitious and with other opportunities in mind, we have been looking at the markets in other countries that can reach Croatia within two or, maximum, three hours flight.

When we started this project, a couple of years ago, the impression that Croatia was giving to the world was a picture of a nice place under the summer sun, with the clear and beautiful sea and attractive seaside.

Nowadays we have to admit that, generally speaking, this has not changed much. However, the world has been moving on together with a shift of interest by people travelling abroad. Although the desire to explore faraway and exotic places has not changed much there is, at the same time, more curiosity for local and „regional“ travel, especially including activity and health travel.

Taste of health

People are searching for a good feeling, simple but delicious food, the taste of local wines or other refreshments, walks in nice nature – in short – the taste of health.

Croatia is the place for health and relaxation. However, this is still to be discovered in the period outside the summer months. This is the time when high quality medical procedures can be provided in an ambient environment together with all the other holiday benefits that are already a trademark of Croatia.

Consider all year round tourism in Croatia

So, if you consider where to spend your holiday and you have a pleasant, healthy and fun place in mind but would also need some health or wellness treatments, think of Croatia. You will find many opportunities for appropriate medical treatments. We know that other countries, in Europe or elsewhere, also offer similar things. But, what we believe is that our best proposition is very compelling. The healing treatments that connect sea, sun and clean air with long tradition and personalized care given by various specialists are hard to better.

Top class medical specialists for various health treatments

Many of these specialists have been educated in today’s world top medical centres. Equally, some of them are the source of knowledge and expertise for various medical professionals worldwide. They are just excellent in what they do and thus recognized among their peers in their respective fields. We particularly think of the various opportunities for treating rheumatic diseases, or providing physical recovery and rehabilitation solutions after trauma or chronic painful conditions of bones and joints. Further on, there are treatments for respiratory or allergy problems or psoriasis. Once you come here and experience the medical treatments we speak about, you would understand the value they would bring into your life.

Enjoy a couple of weeks on the beautiful Croatian Adriatic or inland. Then, return home knowing that it has been worth your money and time. We are sure you would come back.

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