Health Management at Work

Health Management at Work

During my recent 5-day visit to Stockholm, mainly to visit the seniors’ fair, I also went to see a nice, advanced, innovative company up in Danderyd, providing health profile assessments for employees. I think it is worthy of praise that employers take good care of their employees’ wellbeing and health management at work

One aspect for the employer to look at is certainly the overall better performance of the employees that are full of energy and motivation as well as physically and mentally fit for work. This is, of course beneficial for the business. The other aspect is human care, support and genuine interest in the overall health situation of each employee.

One thing that was outstanding while reflecting on the Swedish, and probably other Scandinavians, life style is strong inclination to sport and physical activities, especially among the working population. This tendency is also very apparent with senior people.

What are the ways the employers could offer to their employees to make them feel happier and healthier? Wellness and health ideas have been changing and turning recently as some fashion trends do. Many of the recommendations do not take into focus the individual, her or his complete status, fitness and various conditions that inevitably develop through life. Of course, it would be impossible for each of us to do all that a fitness specialist or locomotion system expert prescribes for our wellbeing. It is just impossible to find time for all of these and we cannot spend our days, weekend or holidays solely dedicated to improvement of our health. More or less, everybody needs time to relax, empty her or his mind and give the body a rest. Still, something can always be done.

The new trends, as I understand from reading through some interesting international articles, aim to offer wide range of services, from biometric screening to telemedicine. Health coaching, employee assistance in composing the adequate training programme with appropriate financial support is today’s best thing a conscientious employer could offer.

Here comes Wellbe with our wide range of healthcare experts with a long tradition in rehabilitation therapies for various issues, including bones and muscles, respiratory system, allergies, skin disorders, diabetes, weight loss … One week of good examination by these various specialists could bring a clear picture of how to proceed properly with your fitness routine. We never know where and when could we learn something new about ourselves, about things that are important to us as it is our own health and wellbeing.

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