When your bones ask for help

When Your Bones and Joints Ask for Help

One of the signs of ageing is the deterioration of the bones density and other changes in the structure of bones and joints.

These changes can also affect younger persons as well, and it is certain that the causes of bones and joints medical conditions are still unclear even today. They probably have a genetic (inherited) origin, in addition to outside (environmental) factors.

Rheumatic disease develops as an unpleasant and often painful process. It is the subject of many medical experts’ discussions. In addition, it is noticeable of the greater engagement on the part of the patients themselves who, in a number of forums, exchange their experiences and make suggestions as to their various methods that help them to improve their health status.

Recently, I have been reading some professional medical articles as well as patients’ posts about the diseases that are connected with rheumatoid arthritis and how it can be treated and cured.  This sparked my interest in considering how to bring relief to sufferers as this autoimmune disease can affect joints, the heart, the skin, and other body organs.

The process that develops in the body once affected by the rheumatoid arthritis, causes damage to the elastic linings and deforms the joints so that, as a consequence, the bones change their position. According to some researches, women are more likely to have this disease than men. About 1% of the world’s population may have it.

The signs and symptoms of the rheumatoid arthritis are the following:

  • Joint pain, swelling, and deformity
  • Joint stiffness and difficulty moving
  • Fatigue
  • Lumps (nodules) under the skin
  • Anemia (low blood count)
  • Low-grade fever
  • Poor appetite

Medications are a necessary part of the treatment of the disease and such therapy is, as is always the case, producing various and individual effects.

However, one of the strongly recommended methods in treating the rheumatic diseases is physical rehabilitation and this is the help which several of our partner clinics can offer to patients coming from any part of the world. One of the reasons why this rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases is so well developed in Istria and Kvarner area is the climate factor. Especially, with many sunny hours during the year, the purifying winds and the combination of the coastal and mountain plants scents that fill the air – all these create a calming and healing effect that certainly can support proper medical rehabilitation treatments that are going on.

In treating these diseases, our medical rehabilitation management includes joint protection, the maintenance of physical fitness and the prevention of impairment. The methods and programmes are created individually for each patient while their stay is arranged in a pleasant environment, comfortable accommodation and with additional optional social and cultural offers.

Over one hundred years of tradition and experience, long-term co-operation with several European national health organizations and a number of clients that have come and are returning year after year, make us confident that the reputation about Croatian Kvarner and Istrian rehabilitation clinics will boost interest and attract more visitors.

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