Rehabilitation and healthcare for athletes and sports teams

Athletes Healthcare

In the Croatian districts of Istria and Kvarner, there are several great opportunities for athletes healthcare and sports training to prepare intensively for the next season’s competitions. 

These preparations can be organised either at the end of the summer or during the winter months, with the mild climate that usually allows comfortable and pleasant training outdoors.

Besides sports courses and comfortable accommodation in many places on the coast, there are a few more good reasons for sports clubs to visit the area. In addition to the excellent training possibilities, Istria and Kvarner offer a number of top class doctors and clinics that specialize in medical support for athletes and their needs.

All sportsmen and women, not just professionals but also amateurs and recreational participants, should go through a regular health checkup. Prevention of any potential problem is a key for carefree training which enables strong focus on building strength and fitness.  With many well-tried techniques and a number of modern, newly developed approaches to efficient training, the essence is in monitoring how much the high demands put upon athletes affects their health and wellbeing.

In Istria and Kvarner there is a real jewel that many sports managers have yet to discover and start implementing in their regular or annual condition training, or for faster healing of injuries, of their charges. It is hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) which is undertaken in special HBO chambers. There are two HBO chambers in Istria and Kvarner, originally established for the healing of professional and recreational divers’ diseases. Today usage has developed further as the benefit of HBOT for other purposes has become well-recognised. The use of HBO chambers has been expanded to several indications, among others, those for athletes.

There are many prominent specialists dedicated to athletes healthcare, amongst them is MD PhD Boris Nemec, the official doctor of the Croatian national football team, who has his own private clinic specialising in orthopedic surgery – mostly for knees and hips.

There are, also, several rehabilitation clinics who can show excellent results in the treatment of sports injuries, including those suffered by our well-known skiers, Janica and Ivica Kostelić. Croatian and other international footballers, tennis players and many other sportsmen and women have been for the special care and attention which is on offer.

Finally, in our region, we can also offer the opportunity to have your dental needs checked (and treatment given, if necessary!) while having a few weeks training in Istria and Kvarner.  Our team of dentists provide the whole range of services in dental care and hygiene but particularly specialising in implantology with long and extensive international experience.

Why not connect all these opportunities and have a really useful and valuable time in this beautiful part of Europe?

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