Psoriasis Treatment

Wellbe is the facilitator of your health vacation in Croatia.

We collaborate with the leading psoriasis treatment centres and specialists, offering you unique, top-quality therapies at affordable competitive prices, typically around 50% lower than those in the UK.

Keeping it Under Control

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes a rapid buildup of skin cells, which usually manifests as whitish-silver scales forming on the skin surface, eventually developing in thick, red patches. Scales typically develop on joints, but may also occur on the hands, feet, neck, scalp, and face.

Different types of psoriasis treatments aim to reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve the pain, and slow down the skin cells buildup.

Wellbe collaborates with Naftalan, a special hospital for medical rehabilitation in Ivanić-Grad, to provide patients with an efficient psoriasis medical therapy with a type of naphthenic oil – naphthalan.


Price per person for 14 days stay, including 12 days of rehabilitation therapy and full board from (complete package):

  • €1,300 for double room
  • €1,500 for single room

Additional week (often combine with the two weeks of the offered therapy)

  • €750 for an additional week in a rehabilitation centre on the Adriatic coast

Transport and transfer information


  • Return flights are organized either on your own or through our partner travel agency. Zagreb, the Croatian capital city, is connected with daily flights from London, including Ryanair flights from Stansted and many other places.
  • Bus/ van transfers to and from the airports in Croatia are organized by our partner transfer agency. Car hire option is also possible and often used for the convenience of visiting local attractions and sights, on your own.

We Cater to Different Needs

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People with either minor mobility problems or wheelchair bound


Any age group: children, adults and seniors

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