Affordable Healthcare in Croatia

Treat yourself to a perfect health holiday

Place your health and a well-deserved break in the hands of healthcare facilitators at Wellbe! With partners and clinics on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea and near the capital city of Zagreb, Wellbe is your perfect choice for a great health holiday. In addition to first-rate health and wellbeing treatments, you get to enjoy the beauty of Croatia, a country easily reached from all over Europe.

In order to ensure you have a safe stay on your health holiday, we take precautionary measures and act in accordance to COVID-19- related requirements.

Respiratory Treatment

  • Efficient treatments for these increasingly challenging disorders
  • Solutions for all ages and different diagnoses
  • Perfect microclimate, carefully selected over a century ago
  • Post-Covid-19 treatments and care
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Physical Therapy

  • Active and passive therapy focused on motivation and learning exercises
  • Therapies customized for individual needs, with different levels of exercise intensity
  • Post-trauma, pre- or post-surgery treatment (orthopaedic or cardiac)
  • Treatments for musculoskeletal system, motion and injuriese
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Psoriasis Treatment

  • Unique oil treatment, with proven extraordinary success
  • Soothing effect on skin and pain alleviation
  • Full morning treatment schedule and a variety of other activities
  • Treatment in a comfortable, stress-free environment
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Sport treatments

  • Programmes for professional sport and recreational clubs, groups
  • Exercise routines and relaxation activities
  • Workouts in a beautiful, stress-free environment
  • Diverse additional activities available, including therapy and leisure
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What Our Clients Have to Say ?

They appreciate our genuine thoughtfulness, creativity and flexibility to organize different programmes for both groups and individuals, focusing on health and wellbeing, with plenty of fun and relaxation.

Explore Croatia ?

With Wellbe, you get much more than high quality, affordable healthcare. You get to enjoy the alluring Mediterranean environment or beauties of Croatian inland, where nature, history and culture are perfectly balanced to entice all your senses.

Plan Your Health Holiday with Wellbe

Plan Your Health Holiday with Wellbe

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Plan Your Health Holiday with Wellbe