Physical Therapy

Wellbe is the facilitator in Croatia for treatment of your acute painful joint and muscle problems or injuries.

The recommended specialists provide world-class treatment to meet their patients’ individual needs at competitive prices, typically around 50% lower than those in the UK.

Renowned Croatian physical therapy and sports medicine polyclinics are primarily known for their dedication to each patient. They have gained international recognition due to their successful rehabilitation of many active athletes as well as typical, common patients’ issues.

Physical therapy as a part of medical rehabilitation is used to treat different physical dysfunctions related to injuries, disabilities or conditions, with the main focus on your strength, mobility, and fitness. It may be an isolated option or support other treatments. People of all walks of life may need physical therapy, as it can treat a range of health issues.

Their Reputation Precedes Them

Many well-known athletes have visited our partner clinics for physical rehabilitation because of the clinics’ reputations for providing leading expertise in the field of physical rehabilitation – reputations which the clinics have been successfully upholding for decades.


Indicative prices for the most frequent therapies

  • Daily rehabilitation therapy (3-4 hours): €85 (can vary, ask for an individual quote)


  • You can choose between hotel accommodation (full board or half board) or private accommodation. The average off season (October to April) price for a 4 star hotel, half board is €50 per day per person.  

Transport and transfer information

  • Return flights are organized either on your own or through our partner travel agency. Zagreb, the Croatian capital city, is connected with daily flights from London, including Ryanair flights from Stansted and many other places.
  • Bus/ van transfers to and from the airports in Croatia are organized by our partner transfer agency. Car hire option is also possible and often used for the convenience of visiting local attractions and sights, on your own.

We Cater to Different Needs

...just a few steps away.


Smaller groups and individuals


People with either minor mobility problems or wheelchair bound


Any age group: children, adults and seniors

Explore Medical Treatment Opportunities

Where holiday meets top quality medical care

Affordable prices and excellent value for money

Individualized patient-therapist care

Breathtaking beauties of the Adriatic coast

Engaging attractions of Continental Croatia

Rich history, vibrant culture and exquisite authentic cuisine

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