Non-Surgical Face & Body Procedures

The smallest change can have the strongest impact.

If you are looking for a minor facial or body procedure to change a feature you’ve never liked about yourself or you’d like to trim a few years off your face, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at the packages we offer, that cover some of the most popular non-surgical procedures people get when they want to change something about their physical appearance.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Botulinum Toxin is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Even though it is most often used to make lines and wrinkles on the face less obvious, Botulinum Toxin injections can also reduce body odour by shutting down sweat glands.

Facial Treatment

Botulinum Toxin works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles, making the wrinkles relax and soften. It is most often used on forehead lines, lines around your eyes and frown lines. On the other hand, wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity do not respond to the therapy.

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition that some people have, and it makes them sweat far more than is considered normal. Because of the different chemicals found in antiperspirants, their long-term consistent usage could have serious side effects.

Treating the condition with Botulinum Toxin might be the answer. It starts working within a week after the procedure and can last between five and nine months.

Get All the Details

Before opting for the procedure, consult different resources to learn more about the cosmetic uses of Botulinum Toxin, how the procedure works, how long does the injection last, what are the side effects, etc. That way, you’ll be prepared for what’s coming.

The specialist we work with will perform a detailed exam before the procedure and give you all the necessary specifics you need to know.

Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic procedures with dermal fillers include methods that make visible changes to a person’s appearance. Dermal fillers can sculpt your face by removing or smoothing the wrinkles, raising the eyebrows, modeling the cheeks, and refreshing the lips.

As these non-surgical rejuvenation treatments are minimally invasive, they are a great alternative to the actual surgery because they can help postpone the time when you might start to consider a facelift.


Mesothreads – a non-surgical 3D facelift – are a method that uses a special degradable fiber to lift, rejuvenate and tighten the skin. Mesothreads are drawn under the skin with a needle, creating a network your organism will use to generate new collagen, which rejuvenates the skin. The threads degrade completely within 6 months.

This method is a natural alternative to fillers and facelifts and, even though it seems painful, it is not. It is ideal for lifting, skin tightening, facial sculpting and wrinkle reduction. This method retrieves the youthful volume by lifting saggy skin and returning it to its place. So if you are still reluctant about face lifting, Botulinum Toxin Therapy or fillers, Mesothreads might be just the thing for you.

PRP Rejuvenation Therapy

Time and again, different studies have confirmed that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) rejuvenation therapy is based on this premise and works by amplifying the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue.

Platelets or thrombocytes are blood cells that cause blood clots and other necessary growth healing functions. Their activation is fundamental in the body’s natural healing process. Therefore, PRP therapy uses injections of the patient’s own concentrated platelets to create new collagen, hydrate the skin, erase wounds and damages, smooth out wrinkles and remove pigmentation.

Lipolysis for Fat Removal

Lipolysis is considered one of the most effective non-invasive fat removal treatments. It delivers notable results in stubborn fat and cellulite reduction. The treatment entails an injection of 4 millimeters thin needles in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, which sets the stage for fatty tissue degradation.

You can use this method to treat the abdomen, chest, and back, while it also acts on the cellulite. Depending on the protocol, the treatment should be performed every 2-4 weeks. It effectively tones the skin and reduces fat deposits, but it does not reduce body weight. The procedure is not painful nor does it prevent you from proceeding with your normal day-to-day activities.


The hospital is situated in Opatija, a well-known climate treatment centre since 1889. The hospital itself was founded in 1957, primarily for the purposes of diagnostics and treatment with the special emphasis on the prevention of heart and blood vessel diseases. The facility is located on the main street, surrounded by the captivating secession architecture of the Opatija Riviera.

Opatija is one of the most charming little towns on the Croatian coast. It offers so much more than just soothing sea views. The city’s rich culture and history are intriguing, while delicious local cuisine can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

During your stay, you can enjoy several half-day or daily excursions in the surrounding area:

  • Visiting nearby historic and cultural sites, as well as one of the National Parks
  • Tasting local food, extra quality olive oil, and fine wines

Opatija is 15 km away from Rijeka and just 40 km away from the Rijeka airport. Other nearby airports are Pula (98 km), Zagreb (184 km), Ljubljana (129 km), Trieste (103 km), and Venice (214 km).


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