The beginning of the year 2020 looked promising. However we have to admit 2020 was full of challenges. We undertook significant activities in order to spread good news, the options and opportunities about healthcare in Croatia. A smooth and efficient new website design was underway and our messages were ready to splash over the curious audience.

2020 Challenges

As we all very well know, the spring has brought a complete surprise, shock and unforeseen circumstances. Our plans had to be cancelled or, at least, postponed and we live with the hope that better days will come and bring somewhat different and, why not, better and completely individualised healthcare offers that we will be able to provide.

More information about the packages and other details is available on our website wellbe-ims.com

International Company faces 2020 Challenges

Since we are an international company we would like to tell you our story from the point of view of one of the partners. The managers, experts and consultants involved in our business bring their experiences from around the world (Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong and Croatia as the country – provider for our healthcare services).

An Englishman’s story

He is an Englishman with many years of international experience (the last 30 years of his career). His love for his home country is unquestionable and right now, during the lockdown that has affected every country, he is at home.

However, Croatia has probably been his second home for many years. He knows the place, almost every corner of it. He visited most of the islands and the coastline. Equally well, he is familiar with the hilly mountain inland and green plain towards the east.

Senior woman stays at home.

When asked to share his view, his honest opinion and belief, as well as his healthcare experience from Croatia, he gladly accepted. We hope you would be interested to read his story.

Knowing Croatia

Croatia seen through the eyes of our English friend and partner is obviously not a short story. Therefore, we will split it in several chapters. This way you will be able to slowly step into our world and have a better insight in things that interest you more. We hope you still have more time to read it as we have had time to think about it during the lockdown period. We thank you for your patience and interest.

It starts like this…

Working in Croatia

I have spent many years in Croatia living and working for local companies and institutions so that, as noted above, it has become a second home. As such, I have become buried in the country’s business, cultural and social life. I first came to live and work in Croatia in 1996 and was fortunate to meet a circle of friends which included both expat and local people.

Lifestyle and possibilities

Because of this, I was introduced to a much deeper discovery of the life possibilities offered by the country. It helped to improve and enhance one’s enjoyment and understanding of the natural rhythms of the country. In particular the many attractive aspects: the sun, sea, (but virtually no sand!), wine industry, olive oil industry. In addition, there are the nicely relaxed after work activities that are usual with a more “café-society” culture than I was used to.  I was able, for example, to move from beer (never my favourite drink) to wine. This delightful beverage has much more variety and tastes better, generally, in my view. There are also excellent opportunities to exercise in many different disciplines: lunchtime Alpine skiing; rock-climbing at weekends less than an hour away. Afternoon sailing and snorkelling 100 metres away, and so on. I was able to enjoy the many and varied activities that are available.

croatian coastline is worth exploring

At the same time, I was developing other elements: cooking. That’s when I discovered the main things that continue to irritate me. It is the uncertainty and inconsistency of supply of many food products. Further on, the unnecessary regulation and paperwork that accompanies an application for almost any official documentation. On the other hand, I have got used to the: “Fish or meat?” question. But, I am still not used to “Linner” at 4:00p.m.

Kind and friendly people

Nevertheless, because of the friendliness of local people, I now have many friends. In their company I can laugh or giggle away my latest irritation whilst sharing a glass or two of excellent local wine. At first, I thought that people were distant and cool. But, I managed to meet and spend more time getting to know them and they to know me. It was clear that we had common aspirations, common views and soon we became close and with warm relations.

Help Needed! A Surprisingly Good Healthcare

These good relations helped me get by particularly as, due to my energetic exercise lifestyle, I occasionally had acute medical issues. Such as a sprained ankle here, a painful tendon there and so on. Everybody knows everybody and therefore I could be guided to the right place to seek help. For example, after a traumatic acute partial rupture to my left Achilles tendon whilst I was in the UK, I was directed to a clinic in Pula, Croatia. Within 3 days of the injury, the Doctor and his team commenced excellent and dedicated treatment. Over the usual period of time it provided a full recovery. This was in contrast to my own very reputable NHS, where a proper diagnosis/scan would be at least a week away. Then, the first potential date for any recovery treatment a further two weeks after that. Vital recovery treatment time much too delayed.

physical therapy in croatia is surprisingly good

I can say that the recovery timescale surprised me at first. Had I had to rely on the NHS, a further three weeks lost would have been devastating. After starting the programme, I realised that it would take time. In the end, after the expected time there was a good recovery but then the next calamity happened…

More next time.

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