Physical activity is key for good health

The human body has several basic biological needs, such as food, liquid and sleep. They can partly be replaced by medical substitutes. However, you cannot replace the lack of physical activity. The human body is built to move, to be active as much as possible. Recently, I attended  an educational seminar about physical training and health, during which one very experienced life coach said: “We practice by moving our body or we exercise standing upright; when this is not possible, we sit and exercise; when sitting is not possible, then we exercise lying in bed.” It sounded so true and inspiring. We just need to move as long as we live.

Ideas about sport and activities have changed with time. Some 50, 60 or even only 20 years ago, there was no need to tell children to go out and be active. We were active all of the time and more effort was in calming those, now middle age or senior, generations down. In many countries, physical training in schools was at a much higher level than it is today, although actually there is more need, now, for children to be physically active.

There are several researches and discussions among experts today about the ideal time children should spend in some kind of physical activity. Most agree that it is around one hour every day.

Without going into details of country reviews, we have to accept that more than 50% of children today are not active at all. As they grow older, in their teenage years, this percentage increases even higher. Parents often “support” such behaviour, taking the line of least resistance and thus become responsible for their children’s future health problems that such decisions can cause. We need to think more about the serious consequences that arise from lack of activity, such as: cardio-vascular disease, diabetes type 2, spine, joint and bone health, and obesity, amongst many physical problems, but also the incidence of depression and social disorientation that can occur.

So, what about considering socializing as we exercise or as we are active indoors or outdoors; meeting other people, chatting, smiling, and admiring the scenery around us? We do not want to miss out these beautiful although small details that often make our days.

We are approaching the darkest and the coldest period of the year (at least, on the northern part of the Earth!) and moving about outside can look less attractive. We say: Do not give up. Do not relax too much in front of the TV or a good book. Instead, dedicate at least half an hour or more to being active every single day. Put your mind into gear, create longing and passion for nature and enjoy it. You know and we know that it is always worthwhile. It will bring a good emotion of achievement, the joy of overcoming the resistance of our passive mind and we will stay refreshed, focused and fulfilled.

Stay healthy and enjoy your active new year in 2020!



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