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The summer 2020 map

The summer 2020 has found us in a not very happy state. Croatia has been doing well regarding the corona virus. Nevertheless, the world stopped and we all found ourselves in the unknown land. Our business, along with many others connected with travel, was on hold.

As soon as the lock down has been relaxed, we started to see visitors from close and far places. Our minds and hearts were rising with hopes that better times are coming. But, it is still the summer 2020 was early to celebrate.   

Wellbe news 2020

Our big news is that the new, refreshed website is launched. In addition, a small size marketing campaign is ongoing. We have checked the “health” status of our partner hospitals and special clinics. It seems that they are the move again. The international clients taking their therapies and treatments are there. However, with extra care and protection measures. 

Now our guest blogger continues his ruminations on his life and impressions of Croatia during summer 2020:

So, now here we are in the middle of summer. In “normal” times, the whole region would be swarming with many tourists coming to visit the attractions of Istria.  The seaside; the islands of the Kvarner; the hills and forests of inland Istria. Catching up with the vineyards and olive groves in their summer activities. For example, testing and tasting as well as selling their wines and olive oils from previous years’ vintages. At the same time they are keeping an eye on the progress of the current crops with their growth development. 

COVID time made the difference

But, this year is very different.  This is CoViD time.  So, the tourist numbers are down but not non-existent. Everybody is pleased to see that many people have come from many countries around Europe. They arrived with confidence. It means that all concerned are giving the obvious health safety issues proper respect and are being properly organised.  Sadly, this has meant that most of the very many “annual summer events” happening in Pula and Istria, have had to be postponed or, in many cases, cancelled. 

Pula International Film Festival

These include one of my favourite festivals, the famous Pula Film Festival due to open for its 67th time in mid-July.  Sadly, despite strong efforts to get the festival going it has, very recently, had to be postponed, again.  It seems that with the main parts of the programme being normally held in the world famous Arena in Pula, the organisers were not happy that they could safely keep the audience in a satisfactory socially distanced formation to meet the current health safety rules.  Alternative solutions have not been found, yet, that meet with the Festival’s very high standards. Still, there is hope that a way can be found and the Festival will be held maybe in September.  Let’s hope ……

Last Minute Open Jazz Festival in Bale

However, another of my favourite summer events, that might have been CoViD blocked, is the Last Minute Open Jazz Festival which is held in Bale every summer, usually around the end of July and the beginning of August.  This year it is scheduled to take place on 1st to 4th of August and will include its usual selection of national and international jazz “names”.  Let us hope that it will survive and all can go to enjoy excellent jazz in the beautiful setting underneath the walls of Bale castle.

Achilles Tendon rehabilitation

In my previous blog in this occasional series, I ended by telling my story about my Achilles tendon rupture and the excellent treatment I got here in Croatia.  Well, the story continues along the same theme – because the next catastrophe was an unexplained disability in the other Achilles tendon……….  The initial diagnosis was that the tendon had been under extra strain as I had been favouring this right leg. Whilst my left leg was recovering this had caused a slight swelling (which could be seen and felt) indicating that the tendon fibres had become inflamed. As a result, a course of massage and special exercise was implemented.  The doctor said that he would expect immediate relief and a fairly swift full recovery from this treatment programme.  After a few days I was examined for progress and had to say that I felt no difference.  The doctor immediately ordered a scan as he believed that there must another hidden problem, not just sore fibres.  The scan duly took place the next day with the results emailed to the doctor for his review the following morning.  Sure enough, the scan revealed that a very strange and apparently rare occurrence, namely the rupture of fibres entirely internally within the tendon structure, i.e. hidden from normal feel by even an expert practitioner.

Consequently, a revised treatment comprising ultrasound, sub cutaneous laser and combined with normal manual massaging was prescribed.  Soon enough, a vast improvement took place and, in the normal course, the tendon has fully recovered.  Now I just have to tread a little more carefully in the future as my septuagenarian bones and sinews have taken a lot of hammering over the decades and are probably wearing out.  But, on we go………..

Until the next time, have a good summer but stay well.

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