Heart, the center of joy

Heart – the Center of Joy

When your heart beats calmly and in its pace, then you probably feel happy and joy flows inside your veins. Simple, but we often miss these blissful moments and let hurry, concerns and outside forces drive most of our times.

Winter holiday times, with cold air outside (on the north part of the Earth) have always been special for we humans. As if the cold enhances the body to keep the inside warming, making our heart the center of this inner heat. We don’t mind so much the overcast sky, slippery paths and we certainly don’t mind the snow, especially while it is still falling. In some parts the snow comes in huge amounts and people give them different names depending on shape of its flakes, description of how it is falling, and by how it collects on the ground.

However, I come from much warmer, or shall I say, mild climate. My home is located at the north part of Mediterranean, in the Adriatic bay, well into the central European land. I think we are lucky to live near the warm sea that assures many sunny days and hours, even in the middle of the winter. For example, today is a perfect sunny day, with no clouds and the air temperature around 10 degrees Celsius. Walk near the blue sea, under the sunny, clear sky, spotting dolphins not far from the coast, watching fishermen’s boats swinging gently on the wrinkled surface – all these fill my heart with joy.

I feel grateful for living in such a pretty, invigorating spot while the world keeps on changing and bringing more and more challenges to our lives. I am at the same time happy to be able to offer some of these enjoyments through my work to the people who have been coming as our guests or long-stay visitors, to take a part of this, as their „health gift“. A long time ago, clever health and medicine experts understood the healing power of trees and plants that surround us and the soothing effect of their scent or deep inhalation during the walks or inside the especially designed “respiratory chambers”. And, when you add today’s well-known Mediterranean diet with tasty fish, good quality olive oil, fiber-rich vegetables and delicious fruits, you must for a moment feel your heart longing to be there because the heart always searches for joy, light and peace.

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