Seem that everyone is buzzing about health tourism today

Buzzing about Health Tourism

Along with the more intense promotional activities from the part of tour operators, agencies and promoters, this specific branch of tourism has been mentioned in many media, opening questions what it is really all about. It seems that everyone is buzzing about health tourism.

However you look at this issue, you will find several good reasons why making a decision to book your trip for healthcare abroad:

  • The price is often an important factor and when combined with equally good quality services as in your own place, then, why not? So, value for many!
  • Opportunity to simultaneously enjoy the various sides of the destination you selected for your health care trip (culture, nature, food, sports…). There are still many places you haven’t visited and you have heard about, some of them easily accessible as a long weekend break
  • No waiting time for your healthcare program if you organize your trip in time
  • Growing and high level of services which have been encouraged by strong competition, research and devotion
  • Care, attention and empathy of your hosts that are there to make you feel good and happy; and by rule they speak at least English as a foreign language
  • Word of mouth matters very much for them and thus you might be surprised by higher quality of care than expected; good advices to take home with you and big smile that they will pass on to you

Travelling for healthcare resonates really well with today context of life. It encompasses many truly important things, such as authenticity, human connection, nature, serenity and escape from…anything.

The common desire of every person, regardless of age, gender, status is to feel well, to be happy, serene, balanced –our real self.

Reflecting about health tourism, and why travelling abroad for a good and fast service, I see this trend growing continually and I am looking forward to more exchange of healthcare travelers seeking to recharge their batteries at least once a year and putting themselves in the best of health.

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