European football championship 2016 fans

European Football Championship 2016

Even if you are not a football fan, it is difficult not to notice the euphoria around the Euro 2016, the ongoing European football championship 2016 that is taking place in France.

This is certainly the game that unites many, young and old, men and women, as well as various regions and countries. Football is a topic that can be discussed endlessly, even though with not much wisdom or new ideas being exchanged. It is just fun and easy talking about football on various levels and demonstrating the knowledge and pile of information one possesses. Suddenly we all become experts, explaining to the company we know well or we find ourselves by accident, the moves, positions, strategies or mistakes by the players, coaches or referees.

Wellbe is not just interested in football and merely following the development at the Euro 2016. We are also partners of the Croatian national team doctors, who are recognized and well known doctors specialising in treating sport injuries. We believe that all football fans will have noticed the bloody head injury the Croatian defender Vedran Ćorluka suffered during the team’s first game, against Turkey. The doctor on the photo helping Charlie (Vedran’s nickname is Charlie J) is Boris Nemec, one of the top Croatian orthopaedists, a surgeon with his own hospital near Opatija. Several famous Croatian footballers, among which are Luka Modrić and Slaven Bilić (today’s West Ham manager), have been Dr Nemec’s patients. He has been the main national team physician for more than 20 years now and he certainly knows how to help athletes in need, but not just them. He and his team deal with most painful bone and joint issues with a swift and professional approach, which is always strengthened and supported by the follow up rehabilitation treatment in one of the nearby centres: Opatija, Crikvenica, Selce principally among others.

Another great expert for sport injuries we wish to remind you of is the osteopath from Pula, Stanislav Peharec. He was, until recently, the main physician for Croatian national handball team and in his clinic in Pula several top athletes came to rehabilitate from their injuries. Among others, Swedish footballer Jesper Blomqvist, Eduardo da Silva (Croatian, Brazilian born, footballer), Goran Ivanišević (famous ex-tennis player) and many others…

It is nice to feel connected through football and sport and through great specialists that are capable of mending the wounds the sport inevitably brings. Nevertheless, we like and enjoy watching the game for all its magic and excitement which we experience through it.

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