Dedicate one month to your health Lovran

Dedicate a Month to Health

We invite you to spend one whole month with us in Croatia with a wonderful plan to dedicate it fully to your health and wellbeing.

It sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Even better news is that you can do it on nicely affordable terms in one of our friendly partner hotel-wellness centres situated in the Istria/Kvarner area of the northern Adriatic.

Within the process of creating various health packages and offers, we found this charming hotel-wellness place in Lovran (named after the laurel or bay tree), five kilometers away from Opatija.

I believe  a little information about the town of Lovran will spark your interest:

A good climate, luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and a favorable geographic location contributed to the rapid development of tourism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, especially in winter months. Since that time, Lovran, together with Opatija, has been the most important location on the famed Riviera.

Outside the old city centre, along the shoreline, villas, pensions, hotels, and sanatoriums surrounded by carefully cultivated gardens were created and now provide very nice accommodation for visitors. Large and luxurious parks were laid out, in which, alongside the indigenous laurel, cypresses, pines, magnolias, palms and an abundance of flowers, were planted, which have remained and matured to provide a magnificent leisure area to appreciate all that the town has to offer. The coastal promenade, the lungomare or Strandweg, was constructed over the twelve kilometers to Opatija and Volosko which is a very pleasant way to feel the air of the Kvarner.

I like this small town (just above 4000 inhabitants) on the famous Riviera and its valuable health tradition. That is why we gladly included the long stay for health, call it “light rehabilitation” or “a month for your body and soul”, in our programme.

The doctor that is the head and “spiritus movens” of this 30 day health package has prepared a programme including a number of activities for each client as well as for groups. Individual massage that best suits your needs and group exercises are all part of it. You can look forward to walks near the sea together with the therapists who will gently direct your attention towards breathing and relaxing while setting your sight on the pretty vista over the Kvarner bay and islands. There are other things to do.  For example, one of the fun and favorite activities is in the workshop where you learn how to prepare your own special soap or cream using indigenous herbs. The evenings can be organized the way you and your group like it – with social games, music or going together to visit the local bars, restaurants or similar activities.

Mountain Učka (1200 m high) and its nature park is situated right behind this place. For nature lovers and hikers there is the possibility to have a day or half-day guided trip with park rangers who will be pleased to lead you in the secret life of the mountain and show you the stunning views as far as the clarity of the day and your eyes allow.

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