If the answer to this question is Yes, that would be great! But, how to afford it?

It is actually not so difficult to do. It takes a bit of your time – one week to ten days (or more) and quite an affordable package of pure health is at your hand. Would you dare to do that?

I admit that I have always dreamt but never managed to stay in this particular place for more than two or three days at a time and I keep on promising to myself that I should do it. There are many reasons why I should: it is not far from where I live, it is very beautiful there – the nature, the scents of the place and the relaxed but efficient healing methods that have been working for hundreds of years.

I am talking about the island of Mali Lošinj that I last visited only two weeks ago. As almost always is the case, the reason for my visit was business – the idea is to establish better and more concrete ties with the island’s Villa Elisabeth Health Centre. I was very pleased to find out that they have been working very intensely on improving the old, and creating some brand new, health premises which I will strongly recommend and promote through our, Wellbe’s, health programme.

Without big pretentions for promising miraculous healing outcomes or some complicated medical procedure, this Health Centre offers much sought after clean clear air, peaceful and yet dramatic nature, green pine woods with many paths by which to wander through them and, of course, surrounded by a lot of crystal blue sea, as far as you can see.

The main area of the health offer is respiratory treatment for children and adults which has been the main offer of this island for many centuries. In addition, due to the abundance of sun throughout the year, very well-founded psoriasis treatments are also major services which are offered and are performed, especially during the summer months.

In addition, the new, modern Health Centre now offers physical therapy, dermatological treatments, medical wellness, and dental care amongst its many services…In short – complete care and peace of mind as soon as you let yourself be immersed in the island’s natural treasures.

Only few kilometres away from the Health Centre one can find more life – the usual activities of a small island (only 8000 inhabitants). However, one will be pleasantly surprised with the number of good taverns and restaurants, marinas and bars which serve to meet the need of the large number of visitors who visit throughout the year. A real jewel of the place is a Museum of Apoxyomenos, featuring a statue that was found deep at the bottom of the sea in the vicinity, recovered from its resting place near the sea bed and is now exposed to the public in this excellent museum.

The visit to the island of Mali Lošinj is warmly and highly recommended, especially to enjoy, also, the many and varied views of the islands and the sea as you travel there.

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