Individualized & Preventive Medicine

Personalized Health Care Approach

As modern technology advances, it is becoming increasingly an integral part of just about any field imaginable. Medicine is no exception. Scientists nowadays implement latest research findings to develop personalized health care approach. It will not only help detect risk factors for the development of various diseases, but allow experts to customize pharmacotherapy to match a specific person’s genetic makeup – making it efficient and safe.

Health Care Starts Before You Even Need It

The private hospital we cooperate with strongly believes the highest quality health care starts with regular annual screening. It ensures the early detection of risk factors for the development of chronic diseases, which, in turn, allows for timely and successful treatment.

Let Wellbe Take Care of Your Long-Term Wellbeing

With our individualized and preventive medicine provider, you can get comprehensive check-up at a single place. Their team of renowned experts uses the latest methodologies and modern diagnostic equipment to provide you with a personalized approach and counseling on how to maintain and improve your health and reduce the risk of developing chronic illness.

What You Can Expect from Individualized and Preventive Checks?

  • Individualized approach to diagnostics
  • Education on adopting a healthier lifestyle
  • Better understanding of the relationship between genetic variation and disease development
  • Knowledge on the optimum medicine choice and dosage according to your genome analysis  

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