It has been around a year and a half since I started to feel discomfort in the area of my left hip. It is action time – need to start coping with the new, painful hips situation.

What was the trigger for painful hip appearance

Since I exercise and train regularly, I was aware that one slightly exaggerated stretching movement. Until now it had had no sensitivity but it started causing immediate pain (which then continued). I believed that this was a tendon overstretching and it was the cause of my discomfort.

However, this discomfort became constant and it gradually turned into a rather annoying sensation of painful hips. As the pain continued during night rest, especially when I turned onto my left side, I decided it was time to seek a specialist’s opinion and a diagnosis. This was particularly important as I also have a genetic tendency towards arthrosis and osteoporosis.

Accepting the painful hips diagnosis

All my life I have been exercising regularly. I was hoping that physical activity is good prevention that would do its job and protect me from rapid deterioration of the bones and joints. Of course, this is true to a certain extent. But, sooner or later, aging catches up with you and one has to face one’s imperfections and deficiencies.

Yes, unfortunately, my concerns were justified and I got my diagnosis. Both hips have been affected by arthrosis. There was also osteoporosis which needed medical therapy (a medication that slows bone density loss). 

coping with painful hips

To cut a long story short, things had to change. I gladly did that as I stepped up to a higher level of workout with more focus on the muscles and tendons that surround the hip areas. It was clear that they have started to lose their usual strength and support.

How to preserve and improve the painful hips condition

And, I do want to keep on moving comfortably, to preserve the freedom to walk and exercise as much as possible. I love doing things  that I enjoy wholeheartedly. It is good to know that this works, that this is „a mission possible“. It makes my life happier and I am grateful to people who have helped me coping with my painful hips.

The set of tools for overcoming painful hips consists of the following:

  •  A good specialist in physiatrics and rheumatology who set the diagnosis and the way forward, with very positive support
  • My inquisitive and inquiring therapist who combined the right set of exercises that focus on strengthening the muscles and generally the area supporting the hips
  • Regular Tai chi training programs are just right for the movements of hips, for balance and muscle flexibility
  • A cocktail of natural products (for example, Aloe Vera gel combined with Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin sulfate and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Vitamin C; Collagen). They help to maintain joints, bones, and cartilage and help to relieve symptoms of joint discomfort
  • Determination to focus on locally grown, organic products and diet that help my body revitalize regularly. Try to avoid as much as possible bad and damaging ingredients. Of course, I am not and have no intention to be perfect…
  • Peace of mind, doing good things, feel calm and serene. From time to time meeting people I like, spend some time together, not just online

Trusting the specialists we learn to cope with the painful hips

I realize that this is just one station along the line of this fast-moving vehicle called life. What I wanted to share with you is that by getting hold and control of a painful state, which is a good thing to do, we can move on more comfortably and then have the additional satisfaction of helping ourselves. From being concerned and worried we can return to confidence and tranquility. Actually, the capacity to cure ourselves is within us once we open up to the possibilities and options, and trusting those people who can give knowledgeable support. And, as we decide to do that, these wonderful people start coming our way. And, there are so many wishing to help, as we here know.

hip therapy

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