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Explore Croatia

Explore Croatia

At Wellbe, we are dedicated to much more than arranging your treatment abroad. We strive to provide you with different excursion options, so you can get to know the enticing Mediterranean environment or charming Croatian inland, where nature, history and culture appeal to all your senses.

Croatian Coast

The majority of health care providers we cooperate with are situated on the Croatian coast, specifically on the northern Adriatic, in Istria and Kvarner. Both regions are characterized by a favourable climate, with mild winters and moderately warm summers.

This is where the Mediterranean warmth meets the soothing air currents coming from the Alps, creating ideal conditions for rehabilitation and relaxation. With 2500 sunny hours per year, an abundance of natural aerosol in the air, and extraordinarily clean, turquoise sea, you have everything you need for a vacation to remember.

With centuries-old culture, dating back to the ancient Rome, and delicious traditional cuisine with a modern twist, you are bound to have all your sense awakened. You will be enchanted by the variety and balance of different options that meet anyone’s taste.

To explore different options of what you can do during your stay, visit official websites of Istrian and Kvarner tourist offices.

Continental Croatia

Our health care partners from continental Croatia mostly gravitate around Zagreb, the Croatian capital. This area is filled with engaging attractions, while the Croatian capital represents the cultural, economic and business centre of the country.

Besides an array of historical attractions, impressive health tourism, and agrotourism, you can explore the surrounding area and discover the beauties of its idyllic nature with hints of cultural heritage.

As a starting point in planning your excursion, you can visit online local travel guides for Zagreb and the surrounding area, such as Zagorje or Međimurje.

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