ROVINJ, CROATIA – a holiday idea for those with physical disabilities

ROVINJ, CROATIA – A Great Holiday Idea for Those With Physical Disabilities

It feels great to be able to offer a nice holiday package for people with physical disabilities and their carers, groups or families and in Croatia, too. We are not talking here about fine hotels. Instead, our offer relates to a proper rehabilitation centre, old and not looking “polished” from the outside, but with good infrastructure that has always been meant for people in wheelchairs and disabilities.

The Rovinj rehabilitation hospital has existed for over 130 years and has long experience in treating orthopaedic problems, such as post-surgery and injury conditions. Besides that, it has been a favourite holiday place for many international clients with various physical disabilities, for decades.

Whilst the exterior of the rehabilitation centre buildings look a little tired, the interiors of the buildings are undergoing a programme of renovation and is now presentable. There has been a constant investment into the interior decoration, accommodation and therapy facilities and, new this year: the brand new beach equipped for disability therapies. On the beach, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the clear blue Adriatic Sea, with easy access for wheelchairs.

The medical staff, led by the ambitious well educated young spine specialist (he is just completing his PhD studies in Finland) are highly experienced in assisting clients in performing therapies and other activities that clients are interested in. In addition, the hospital has a number of sports grounds for the physically disabled and an indoor swimming pool filled with warm seawater accessible for handicapped patients.

The hospital complex is located only 3 km northeast of Rovinj centre along the seaside. Most of the 20-hectare complex is located on a peninsula that juts out into the sea.

Rovinj itself is one of the prettiest little towns on the Adriatic and attracts a large number of visitors all year round. You can enjoy the view of the town from the rehabilitation hospital as well as take a short trip to the Rovinj centre and feel the atmosphere of this romantic place by yourself.

I definitely recommend the short video and then, if it sparks your interest, call us for more information.

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