North Adriadic hidden pearls

North Adriatic Hidden Pearls

In our partner clinics and hospitals, situated on the North Adriatic coast of, Croatia, many can find a real treasure for their health issues.

These special hospital and clinics have more than one hundred years of tradition and experience in healing several conditions that hamper daily living and which impacts against a harmonious and serene state of the body.  Some of these conditions can seriously affect the quality of life.  The health problems we are thinking of in this connection are respiratory issues, heart defects and skin irritations.

It is a real shame that such successful health institutions are not better known worldwide as they are open for both domestic and international clients and have good facilities to accommodate a number of interested candidates – whether individuals, families or bigger groups.

Their healing methods have been developed in the hospitals and clinics in the area by teams of top doctors, specialists in the relevant diseases – such as pulmonary, heart, allergies or skin disorders.  Their proven methods, as witnessed by many satisfied and fully-healed patients are widely discussed and approved by international colleagues. The ingredients that are crucial for such good healing results are: sea salt aerosols, and natural drugs and medicaments that are indigenous to the North Adriatic region.  These, together with climatic factors which include air which is not too hot combined with the fresh breeze from the nearby mountains, create the mixture needed to combat these disorders.  In addition, proper rehabilitation procedures, accompanied by diet and time to relax, dedicating attention to oneself, bring the necessary additional ingredients to get the desired results.

Of course, the main responsibility for this successful story lies with the doctors – specialists who have made these institutions highly respected and reputable in all markets, additionally ensuring that all staff; doctors as well as medical and support staff, are able to communicate in several foreign languages.  They make sure that every step of the procedure is taken carefully and with passion and dedication to every client who comes there, seeking to improve his or her condition.  They co-operate very closely with their patient’s general practice doctor, since it is the GP who is the basic medical guardian of the client.  When the client leaves, the final examinations and report always include instructions and recommendation for treatment at home.

We can provide testimonials from satisfied patients who have been here and who were delighted and relieved, sometimes only after one week of receiving such therapeutic treatments.  A big smile on their faces and relief from long, disturbing disorders is information worth spreading to all concerned.

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