Lošinj – The Healing Island

Did you know that Croatian Adriatic has 1244 islands, islets and rocks or reefs altogether? Quite a „playful coast“, one must admit. Among them is Lošinj: a true gem of the Adriatic.

When sorted by their size, the picture is the following: in the area of over 1 square kilometer there are 78 islands; those smaller than 1 square kilometer there are 524 islets and the rest of 642 are rocks or reefs. This fact by itself describes Croatian coast line as rocky and certainly exciting to explore. Not so good for those who prefer sandy beaches, although there are several really beautiful ones. It is up to each person to choose her/his preferences and I am sure, they can find what they look for.

Today I wish to tell you few words about one very special island. It is situated in the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic bay, not far from Rijeka or Istria and is called Lošinj (74 square kilometers; population above 8000), the healing island or the island of vitality. The uniqueness of this island is in the gifts of nature which have a beneficial effect on health and longevity of locals, but these gifts have also been used in treatments of certain, especially respiratory diseases and general improvement of health for almost 130 years. The island is just abundant in natural healing factors that help breathing difficulties and improve lung functions.

The health tourism on the island is developed by following closely up-to-date scientific knowledge about the impact of certain therapeutic factors on health. Modern medicine does not have answers to all problems that we encounter in treatments. However, there is no doubt that natural healing factors are often very useful and necessary in long-term maintenance of wellbeing and they are often recommended for long-term treatments of certain health issues, such as respiratory problems.

The island of Lošinj is connected with another special and the biggest island on the Adriatic – Cres. Besides its magical and pristine nature, the island has authentic cultural heritage and long tradition of warm hospitality. We are pleased to see the harmonious development of health tourism with the nature and the island way of life.

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