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Istra Inspirit includes events that revive history, Istrian myths and legends at authentic locations.  We present those stories in the most creative and innovative ways.

…creative and innovative way of presenting the stories, myths and legends of Istria…

Written by Morena Milevoj, Istra Inspirit marketing and PR manager

Interactive performances and thematic dinners on authentic locations (such as castles, lighthouses, coal mines, medieval towns etc.) is what makes us different from usual events held in closed area where performers don’t have communication with their audience.

Our performances are interactive; the audience is included in each part of the story in various ways (they learn how to make a bread, they are a part of a witch trial, pirates games and battles…). Another principle is that we include locals in our experiences because we believe that they should be presenters of their culture. They are being a part of presentations of old crafts, they sell their local products and also provide us local groceries for our gastro part of events. That way, we managed to do something much bigger than a simple show – we created a full experience. Typical old fishing boats of fishermen of Rovinj are not just a part of a museums exposition any more – they are now floating again with the old fishermen who are inviting guests to be a part of their evening. That’s our philosophy.

We believe we are creative in what we do. Our experiences are enriched by various artists – actors, musicians, fire-eaters, acrobats, climbers, break-dancers. Also, we try hard to find new ways to present our stories and keep audience surprised. Theatre of shadows on the walls of lighthouse or laser show in depth of dark coal mine are quite interesting ways to ‘feel’ the story, aren’t they?

We offer experiences all around Istria: Medulin, Poreč, Rovinj, Kanfanar, Savudrija, Buzet, Labin, Svetvinčenat, Brijuni, Pazin. Some of locations are protected cultural and natural heritage, such as Brijuni National Park, Grimani-Morosini castle, medieval town Dvigrad, and archeological site Vižula. Our main objectives are to valorize tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Istria, involve locals in creating cultural experiences and preserve traditional customs from being forgotten, give a chance to students and volunteers to work and learn and to create new projects in Istria by listening what tourists expect from their holidays in Istria. We get this information (and act according to them) by conducting surveys among our guests during Istra Inspirit experiences. Feedback from our audience directs the way we develop.

As one of our goals is to educate about Istrian history and tradition, we adjusted some of our theatre plays for children which we perform all over Istria during school year. That way we teach our youngest about the values of Istrian culture.

How did we made it possible? We networked over 300 artists, volunteers, students and locals and motivated hotels and tourist offices to sell destination and unique experiences rather than usual one-day trips to destinations nearby.

About Istra Inspirit: This project has been going on for three years now, and is becoming an inspirational source for reviving Istrian stories, myths and legends, thus creating new experiences and making Istria a true storytelling destination.

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