YES for Health Care in Croatia

When we first considered entering into the health tourism business, the arguments we reviewed, discussed and analyzed were strongly in favor of it. Let us share with you some of our initial and, still actual, arguments which have created a big YES to the health care in Croatia, with emphasis on Istria and Kvarner regions.

We were very much aware of the challenges and potential obstacles we may face on the way towards the success, but our positive thoughts prevailed.

Takeaway points about health care in Croatia:

  1. Our doctors and their clinics. They are the main and guiding lights in our path towards successful health care in this region.  Their knowledge and expertise arise from the local universities that have a rich medical tradition.  Innovations and creative mindset have always been leading our doctors towards excellence, striving for more and better service for their patients.  Although some of them decided to move abroad for work, looking for a better life and greater opportunities, many good medical professionals have stayed and established successful, well known clinics right here in the region.
  2. Istria and Kvarner areas and our country, Croatia, are very popular places on the international travellers’ map. Actually, they have been on top of the attractive tourist destinations not just in the 20th century, when “mass tourism” started picking up and developing in a big wave, but for many centuries before.  There are several destinations in this very area that were known in medieval times and before that, in time of the glorious, old Roman empire.  Here you can still find ruins of Roman baths, proving that they were using warm sea water for healing purposes.
  3. People living in this area have welcome and care in their blood. The people are steeped in central European history and tradition of hospitality, which means that Venetians, Francs, the Habsburg Empire and several other influencers from the past have left their marks.  One can notice these influences in the architecture of buildings, and also in the shapes and looks of the people’s faces, and their easy way of communicating in several languages, such as Italian, German or English, besides our own native Croatian.  Connection with the sea and life on the sea usually brings this openness and flexibility in people’s minds.
  4. Although every destination in the world can be distinguished by some special sign or by its natural beauty, the diversity of the idyllic scenery of Istria and Kvarner is amazing. The view of the sea bays, numerous islands and lovely small towns gently change into green undulating inland, with top-hill villages surrounded by vineyards.  Here, every place has a story to tell, an interesting cultural or mythical event that will keep your attention alive.
  5. We are proud of our tasty Mediterranean food and good wines. The cellars are open to visitors and every wine producer will be glad to tell you his/her story about local white “malvazija” wine that accompanies your fish meal just perfectly.  We know it’d be a challenge to all these things while having your medical treatment in a nearby location but if there is even half a chance, you should not miss this.
  6. That being said, we always put your healthcare first, as our main task and our priority. That is why we have selected the best medical professionals to suit a variety of needs for the medical care traveller.  From affordable dental care, to clinical rehabilitation for every age, for sportsmen as well as the first steps in esthetics…and many more.  Once we are put in motion by your request, we will do everything to answer all your questions, to have your trip organized smoothly and your medical treatment arranged timely and safely.

In order to stay switched on to your needs, we never stop developing our services, improving them so that they suit our clients’ demands in the best possible way

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