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But now, in February, when winter winds blow and only 100 kilometres from the seashore there is deep snow, it is not so simple to imagine swimming in the open sea.

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Time for your health and wellbeing

Time for Your Health and Wellbeing

When we are small and still young, it is our parents’ and family’s duty to introduce us into wisdom of life, which certainly includes instructions how to stay safe, protected from disease as much as possible but also how to adopt good habits that keep us healthy and hap

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Many people long for holidays untill holiday stress begins.

Holiday Stress

When I think „holiday“ I am usually overwhelmed by pleasant feelings and nice memories of places, events and people that were part of it. I do not think I am an exception here.

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Mindfulness wellbe


The „mindfulness“ has been part of my life for about 25 years now; it think it is quite a long time to be able to express my own experience and feelings about it.

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Aromatic Istria

Aromatic Istria

In anticipation of our autumn Swedish and other partners’ and clients’ visits, we decided to explore more of the offer that our magical Istria gives and we found a real jewel hidden in the south-east part this heart-shaped peninsula.

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Learn how to cope with stress

Learn to Cope With Stress

Even if we can all relate to stress, most of us do not really understand what it is. We are ill equipped to recognize it or take steps to minimize the negative effects of pressure.

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