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Honey and health from various viewpoints

Honey and Health

Honey is probably one of the most commonly accepted foods worldwide for its excellent qualities that have been known for centuries as being beneficial for human health.

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Time to enjoy fresh Istria in the Spring

Spring in Istria

Istria – This is the season of Spring when everything turns green and lush, the temperatures start to rise and being outdoors for long periods becomes the norm.

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Health Benefits of the Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

I’ve known olives and olive oil since I was a child. My mother comes from one of the North Adriatic islands where wine and olive oil were the „earners“ of the families.

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Vinistra 2015

Vinistra is a high-quality event that unites a record number of wine exhibitors in one place for a few days and makes the education and further development of the wine regarding knowledge possible.

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A seasonal guide to Istrian food and gourmant pleasures

A Guide to Istrian Food

While the winter months take over and we busily prepare for the hot season, some pleasant thoughts about delicious food and fine accompanying wines come to my mind.

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