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Umag WellDays

Umag Welldays

As the hot summer ends, it is necessary to prepare your body and mind for the long, cold winter that lies ahead. So we recomend the WellDays, during the month of October, as a perfect way to achieve that.

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Wellbe and Work-life balance

Wellbe and the Work-life Balance

What will you do when you could choose not to work? Probably, you’ll start with good, long holiday or just rest for a while. But then, you’ll starting moving around, looking for something to do.

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Smells and Wellbeing

Smell and Wellbeing

We pay attention to one or two but we are at the same time completely unaware of a number of others that silently impact us, causing a smile or bringing back a deeply stored memory.

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Art and Wellness

Art and Wellness

Workshops in art and wellness have been developed in the art and cultural society Studio Valeria in Medulin, and are led by Istra L Toner academic psychologist and artist.

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